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Attention to returning after leave...Why would you?

The topic 'Returning to work after maternity leave' is not high on the agenda for most organizations. It's just part of it. Managers do not want to treat men and women differently. Managers think that all is well in his or her team. And managers often find topics surrounding early parenthood somewhat taboo, such as breastfeeding, hormones or lack of sleep. You don't talk about that yourself.

We think this is a huge missed opportunity. This is why:

  1. Research shows that almost 30% of the women who return after their leave falls out in the months following her pregnancy. This has physical and mental causes.
  2. Our own research shows this 65% of women look back negatively on the return. They consider fewer at to work or considering one career change.
  3. 30% from the parents finds the combination of young children and career extremely tough and experienced much stress.

Most companies have no insight into these figures. The loss is not associated with pregnancy, because it occurs months after delivery. Partly because of this it remains invisible. But what does it actually cost an average organization if you don't pay attention to this?

Attention helps

Replacing an employee who has resigned can easily cost 20% to 200% of the annual salary. And add to that the stress it causes for colleagues and the extra efforts of HR and MT. The most frequently given tip by women returning from maternity leave: “more attention from the employer for my return”. Managers are often unaware of this.

We help organizations reduce failure. We do this, among other things, by:

  1. Offering the online course the Soft Landing. This is an accessible but effective way to support your employees to return to work in a conscious and healthy way.
  2. Working with the MT and HR to create a workable and appropriate return policy. Together we formulate a vision, design a conversation structure and map out the interventions.

And what about in your organization? Do you have insight into what you can save in a simple way? We would love to work with you to see what we can improve together. Send an email to

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