Proud of work and parenthood

For most people, parenthood is the best thing there is. Yet you feel the pinch between your ambitions at work and your role as a parent. Do you recognize that? You're not the only one. More than 30% of working parents feel stressed. The 'Pride in work and parenthood' program is specially designed for parents who want to improve the balance between work and family. In three interactive sessions we transform the challenges of parenthood into personal and professional growth.

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Growth through parenthood

Strengthen your leadership with the wisdom of parenting. This training offers space for self-reflection, helps you grow in your career and improves the balance between work and home by addressing limiting beliefs and setting clear goals.

  • Experience overview and control in your life
  • Switch relaxed between work and parenthood
  • Learn from the experiences of other working parents


Why participate?

Expectations are high at work and you have always been able to handle that, you like a challenge. But now that you have a child you notice that things are sometimes difficult. The role of work has changed. You want to do it differently, but you don't immediately feel the possibility, so you just keep going. You actually need to think about how you want it, this program offers you this opportunity.

Improve your balance

Design your ideal balance between career and family.

Growth through parenthood

Experience how parenthood can promote your professional growth.

Goal-oriented steps

Set concrete goals and take targeted steps towards improvement at home and at work.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself with in-depth personal development.

Is your employer already participating?

This in-company program focuses on the challenges and opportunities that parenting brings, both at home and at work. If you are looking for more relaxation in work and parenting and are looking for support to actively improve your situation, this program is for you. Work with us and your colleagues on a change that helps you set your priorities and guard your boundaries with more confidence and clarity.

Do you want to be proud of your work and your parenting? Let's work together to realize this in-company training at your employer.

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What people say about us.

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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    I experienced it as a gift. It was pleasant to exchange experiences with colleagues in a similar situation. It was nice that attention was paid to me as a professional, as well as to me as a mother/partner/daughter/etc. It is good to see that everything complements and strengthens each other. I recognize my patterns more. I dare to let go more and have more confidence that I can combine work and parenthood.


    Municipality of Rotterdam

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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    Learned a lot from Proud of work and parenthood! Learned and discussed a lot in a short time with a great group. And most importantly: I received practical tools to remind myself in the near future how nice it is to make your own choices 🙂 Parenting as a strength.


    Municipality of Schiedam

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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    The ending really felt like a icing on the cake where the hard work was rewarded. Three very valuable sessions that make you think, take action, bring experiences and result in a proud self!


    Municipality of The Hague

❝As parents, we know how challenging it can be to combine work and family. With our programs we give you the tools to find this balance and grow, both at home and at work. Let's start this journey together.❞

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