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At Parents Inc. we stand for family-friendly employment. Our mission? Transforming organizations into places where work and family go hand in hand. We offer practical solutions to realize family-friendly policies within your organization, from before pregnancy until well after the hectic years. Together we create an environment where work and family strengthen each other!

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The impact of parenthood on work requires action

The birth of a child changes your life dramatically. Guaranteed. In our work culture, family and work are often seen as separate domains, which leads to a conflict in loyalty for working parents. Private life suddenly becomes much more of a priority than before.

An employer who recognizes this phase and offers policies that respond to it, helps employees to best fulfill their responsibilities as parents and professionals

Our approach starts from the moment employees start looking into expanding their family until their return after maternity leave and well into the years with young children. We implement family-friendly policies, provide pragmatic HR interventions and practical tools for both managers and employees. And that is desperately needed when you look at the numbers.

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A selection from the possibilities

Discover what is possible to experience the benefits of being a family-friendly employer:

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Strongly back to work HR Process

Implement our proven maternity and return policy for consistent parent support.

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Re-boarding process

From notification of pregnancy until one year after return, guidance for seamless off- and re-boarding.

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Proud of work and parenthood

Parenting as a flywheel for personal leadership. Your employees will find a better balance between work and parenthood.

Impact guaranteed

Approximately 170,000 babies are born every year, so approximately twice as many employees become older (again) every year. Investing in family-friendly employment always has a positive effect. Our approach reduces absenteeism and improves employee satisfaction.

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Less (long-term) failure & outflow
  • Good employer practices

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Work and parenthood

The impact of parenthood on work requires action


Almost 1 in 3 new parents drop out after leave. We offer targeted solutions.


Leave current position after having a child. Our approach helps you retain employees.


Of working parents experience long-term stress. Our programs reduce stress.


65% of women look back negatively on their return after leave

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Parenting as power

Together with organizations we build an environment where parenting is seen as a strength. A place where employees feel valued and can grow. Our approach delivers tangible improvements and broad-based understanding of the unique needs of each employee.

  • Attention to all facets of parenting
  • HR strategies for your organization
  • Measurable and positive results

About Parents Inc

What people say about us.

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    Back to work strong

    Thank you Lotte and Sanne for the input and cooperation. You have contributed practical examples, and your enthusiasm is contagious. With all the small steps taken together, we have made a big leap towards turning our organization into a family-friendly employer.

    Esther Kuiper


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    Proud of work and parenthood

    I think it is important that my team feels good about the balance between home and work. Parents. Inc makes the topic of parenthood a topic of discussion. I see employees following the Parents Inc. program. stand up for themselves more and, for example, also start discussions at home.

    Marieke Neervoort

    Municipality of Rotterdam

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    Back to work strong

    I am proud that we at KPN are working on a healthy return after leave for our women. Parents Inc. helps us with (among other things) a valuable workshop for our managers and a program for pregnant women. Parents Inc. provided both solid content and an open conversation so that our managers now understand what they can do to ease the return after leave.

    Anna den Haan


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    Back to work strong

    As an Employability Advisor at Hunkemöller, I worked with Lotte and Sanne from Parents Inc. Two top performers! Together we put the topics 'back to work strongly after leave' and 'parenting & working' on the map. I had quite a few ideas of my own and Lotte and Sanne responded fantastically and immediately put them to work. This resulted in an offer that perfectly meets the needs of both employers and employees, resulting in great enthusiasm. I can recommend Parents Inc. to recommend wholeheartedly!

    Britta Hall


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    Interactive workshop

    Parents Inc. gave a workshop in which they had an honest conversation about the influence of parenthood on work. We discussed the prejudices and facts about parenthood and work and how you can combine the two in a relaxed way. About 25 doctors participated and are all very positive about this workshop! Lotte and Sanne made it possible to talk to each other, there was a lot of recognition of each other's daily struggles at home and at work. They ensured that people could share experiences and tips in an interactive way. Highly recommended!

    Sophie Plaaschaert

    Erasmus MC

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    Participant Sterk returns to work

    What a wonderful program you have set up! This should be suggested to every workplace to be allowed to do this! Especially if you don't yet know how to combine your work with parenting or because you find it exciting, because then this really helps you find a better balance and make a good start.


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