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At Parents Inc. we understand the challenges of combining work and parenthood. We are there to guide you through these tropical years, from pregnancy to early childhood. With our practical programs we help you:

  • Return healthy after your maternity leave
  • To continue to perform while maintaining the balance between work and family
  • We provide you with the necessary much-needed knowledge about this period
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Work and parenthood

Many working parents wonder: 'how does the rest do this?'. The numbers show you're not the only one struggling:


Almost 1 in 3 new parents drop out after leave.


Looking for another job after having children


Of working parents experience long-term stress.


65% of women look back negatively on their return after leave.

You are not alone

At Parents Inc. We understand that switching between work and family sometimes feels like keeping too many balls in the air. You keep running and it often feels like you are falling short on all fronts. It's not just you: the figures show that parents experience massive amounts of stress.

It can also be done differently. We see that parenthood offers unique opportunities for professional growth, precisely because we learn to set priorities better, respond more empathetically and become more flexible.

With Parents Inc. know that it is possible! Together we discover the path to more relaxation, less guilt and an optimal balance between your professional ambitions and family life.

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Proud of work and parenthood

Parents Inc. works towards a world in which women and men combine work and parenthood in a healthy way. We dream of a new generation of parents who are proud of their renewed qualities and who know how to give the best of themselves as professionals and as parents.

Our work and parenting experts support you in this process with coaching, training, and sharing expertise.

About us

Does your employer not yet do this?

Parents Inc. works with employers on family-friendly employment practices so that working parents remain healthy and enjoy working. If your employer is not yet familiar with the benefits of being a family-friendly employer, we would be happy to explore with you how we can discuss this topic in a constructive manner.

Our goal is to work with you and your employer to create an environment that is supportive for both you as a professional and for you as a parent. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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What people say about us.

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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    The ending really felt like a icing on the cake where the hard work was rewarded. Three very valuable sessions that make you think, take action, bring experiences and result in a proud self!


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    Participant Sterk returns to work

    What a wonderful program you have set up! This should be suggested to every workplace to be allowed to do this! Especially if you don't yet know how to combine your work with parenting or because you find it exciting, because then this really helps you find a better balance and make a good start.


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    1-on-1 coaching

    Very happy with the coaching sessions at Parents Inc. A new phase of life also requires new personal leadership. But because of all the hustle and bustle and the lack of sleep, you sometimes don't see it so clearly anymore 🙂 The conversations have helped me to stay away from the 'plodding mode' and to make clear choices again.


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    Participant Sterk returns to work

    Great program where you really take some time for yourself and have to think about how you are going to combine work with family. The course does not take long and can easily be combined with a small one. It's nice that this program is there to give you insight into what you actually find important.


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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    I experienced it as a gift. It was pleasant to exchange experiences with colleagues in a similar situation. It was nice that attention was paid to me as a professional, as well as to me as a mother/partner/daughter/etc. It is good to see that everything complements and strengthens each other. I recognize my patterns more. I dare to let go more and have more confidence that I can combine work and parenthood.


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    1-on-1 coaching

    How happy I am that Parents Inc. came my way! I recognize my patterns more. I dare to let go more and am confident that I can combine work and parenthood well. The confidence in myself that coaching at Parents Inc. has given me. what I learned helps me to be a more relaxed mother and helped me make progress at work. I have energy again!


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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    Learned a lot from Proud of work and parenthood! Learned and discussed a lot in a short time with a great group. And most importantly: I received practical tools to remind myself in the near future how nice it is to make your own choices 🙂 Parenting as a strength.


“As parents and professionals, we understand the challenges you encounter. Let us help you find the perfect balance. Together we build your success, at home and at work.”

Lotte and Sanne | Parents Inc.

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