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At Parents Inc. we understand that the transition to parenthood also has an impact on you as a professional. You not only want to prepare yourself well for the arrival of your child, but also for the continuation of your career afterwards. That is why we offer the 'Strong return to work' trajectory, specially designed for (expectant) fathers and mothers. The process starts when you are expecting a child and ends one year after the birth of your child.

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What does the trajectory offer?

This trajectory is your guide through the world of work and parenthood, from the moment you know you are expecting a child until a year after giving birth. In addition to essential information that is often overlooked and support to continue working healthily, the program offers:

  • Checklists to navigate healthily in and out of your leave
  • Check-in calls with our work and parenting experts
  • A unique 'back to work with a child' course
  • Community of parents in the same stage of life

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Why participate?

Many future parents are very well prepared for the birth itself, but what about preparation for combining work and parenthood? Without the right preparation and support, many new parents feel overwhelmed. Do you find both your parenting and your work important? Then join us!

Healthy basis

Lay a healthy foundation for the combination of work and family for the next 18 years.

Expand your knowledge

Discover the facts about work, pregnancy and parenthood

Boost your career

Take advantage of your new qualities as a parent and take steps in your career as a result.

Network and support

Connect with other working parents for tips and support.

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To register?

Is your employer affiliated with our Strong return to work program? Then you can register directly here. Use this opportunity to build a healthy foundation between work and parenthood that will benefit you for the next 18 years.

Knowing more? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your questions.

Your journey at Parents Inc.


Advice and support during the period when you are expecting a child, so that you can take your leave relaxed and healthy.

Leave of absence

Make your leave period valuable by ensuring that you can completely disconnect from work during this period.


Come back like a pro! Experience a soft landing when you return to work after the arrival of your baby.

The first year

Parenting as an engine for growth as a professional and as a parent. Parents Inc. offers guidance during the first year.

Your future as a working parent

Inquire with your employer about the options for participating in this process, perhaps through development or vitality budgets. Not sure how to raise this? Contact us. Parents Inc. helps you and your employer explore the value of this process.

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What people say about us.

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    Participant Sterk returns to work

    What a wonderful program you have set up! This should be suggested to every workplace to be allowed to do this! Especially if you don't yet know how to combine your work with parenting or because you find it exciting, because then this really helps you find a better balance and make a good start.


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    Participant Sterk returns to work

    Great program where you really take some time for yourself and have to think about how you are going to combine work with family. The course does not take long and can easily be combined with a small one. It's nice that this program is there to give you insight into what you actually find important.


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    Participant Proud of work and parenthood

    I experienced it as a gift. It was pleasant to exchange experiences with colleagues in a similar situation. It was nice that attention was paid to me as a professional, as well as to me as a mother/partner/daughter/etc. It is good to see that everything complements and strengthens each other. I recognize my patterns more. I dare to let go more and have more confidence that I can combine work and parenthood.


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