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Parenting as leadership

Having children is often seen as difficult from a professional point of view. Many parents are careful not to share too much about their children in the workplace. Parenting can feel like the antithesis of professionalism. You would rather put an external appointment in your calendar than schedule to pick up your child from school. According to many, parenting and professionalism do not go together.

Your children force you to set boundaries

Working parents (and to a greater extent mothers) often feel in a split. The double loyalty: wanting to be there for your children and not sacrificing anything at work is something that bothers many working parents with young children. Still stay a while, race so that you can pick up your child at five to six and above all don't complain too much about your sleepless nights. On hot coals in that meeting that lasts just too long. Until you suddenly realize that it doesn't work that way. Your children force you to set boundaries.

Stress among working mothers

Working mothers in particular experience high stress in the combination of work and care. They are stuck in the expectations and habits of before they had children. This results in less productivity and less job satisfaction. The feeling of balance is missing, which can lead to dropout and perhaps even the desire for a new job that fits better into your life.

We often see the disadvantages of parenthood on your career (and figures also show this). But parenthood brings so many new qualities and personal growth, which also benefit your work. You are forced to be clear and set boundaries. It becomes easier to say: “no, I can't do that”, or “I can't be at that meeting, then I will be with my child”. The moment you realize this, there will be much more clarity that you can convert into leadership.” Then I can't because I'm with my child, what about Thursday?" “You can call me until four o'clock on Tuesday.” Clarity ensures respect and peace. For yourself but also for others. That clarity also becomes stronger because you have a very good reason….your child(ren).

If you take the time to discover the new balance and examine old beliefs about yourself as a professional and about yourself as a mother, you will notice that you can grow as a professional through parenthood.

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