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Lotte's Soft Landing

In February I gave birth to my third child. Fortunately, a good birth and a healthy boy. Meanwhile my little man is six months old. I've been working for a few months now, so it's time to take stock. 

My first day at work

This is what I wrote on the first day:

Suddenly there I am behind a laptop again. I have decided to leave the nest a little more and slowly resume my working life. I was looking forward to it this morning, but this step comes with mixed feelings.

The pull thoughts that want to pull me back into the baby nest. Thoughts that make me doubt, isn't it too early? Will I maintain the relaxation of the past weeks? They made me feel sad for a moment when I hugged my little man before I left. While I also leave him with his father with full confidence.

And the push thoughts that make you want to enter life outside the baby bubble again. To fulfill our mission of Mom Inc. together with Sanne. to spread further.

My biggest challenge
Now that I am making this trip for the third time and with all the knowledge of Mom Inc under my belt, I know that my biggest challenge is that I want too much too quickly. That's why I chose to build up slowly. I started with two mornings, then two whole days until the holidays and in the meantime the little man goes to daycare and I work my "normal" hours again. So far it feels good. I recognize the moments when I want too much. I know how to find the brake in time.

The first times

This time I discovered even more how good it is to be aware of all the firsts you experience. Parenthood is made up of so many firsts. Of course, your baby's first smile, first tooth and many other firsts. And also your own first times as a parent, even with the third. The first time you leave your child with another caregiver, the first time you didn't think about your baby at work, the first time you want to go out with your partner again. Giving space to these moments ensures that I always pause for a moment and create a Soft Landing for myself.

Good employer practices

Everyone can experience the return differently. Some people want longer leave, others want shorter leave. What applies to everyone is to have the feeling that you can take the space you need. Also to take longer leave if necessary. Or to start building again. So often we see women expecting too much of themselves too quickly. Having colleagues and an employer who is aware of this can make all the difference. My own return shows once again how important the work we do with Mom Inc. is. doing!

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