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How did you feel about returning to work after maternity leave? Were you looking forward to it or were you dreading it? Maybe a little bit of both…

We know that this step is big and sometimes complex for many women. Yet there is still a lack of specific data and research to understand its full scope and impact. We want to change that in collaboration with 24 Baby.

At Parents Inc. we attach great importance to research that has a positive influence on the lives of working parents. Your personal story is therefore not only important to us, but can also lead to better policymaking and support mechanisms in the future.

By sharing your story with us (anonymously) through our survey, you contribute to greater insight and knowledge into the unique challenges and opportunities that return to work entails. Your experience can inspire and help others, and contribute to a work environment where everyone feels supported.

You can access the survey via this link, which takes about 5 minutes! Sharing is great!

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