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Mom Inc. nominated for Joke Smit Prize 2021

We have been nominated for Joke Smit's Incentive Prize for Women's Emancipation. This is awarded every two years to a person or organization that makes an inspiring effort to improve the position of women or girls in Dutch society. This year's theme is 'I deserve it', which draws attention to the financial independence of women.

The nomination feels like recognition for the hard work of the past two years. For the fact that we want to accelerate social change with our mission to better guide the return to work after maternity leave.

Do you support our mission? Then vote for us!

📢 We see that motherhood brings a big change for many women. Changes that we pay too little attention to under the guise of equality, especially at work.

📢 We see women who run until they drop to avoid showing that it is hard for them. Afraid of being discriminated against because of their motherhood

📢 We see ignorance and uncertainty among employers: parenting is a private subject, can I just start talking about it? My door is always open, but prejudices prevent a working mother from actually crossing the threshold.

📢 We see old patterns that are far from being overcome. In the household, in the division of tasks surrounding care, in the way in which we as a society view mothers differently than fathers.

📢 We still see so much maternity discrimination.

This is where we want to go with Mom Inc. change that and we are far from done with that! And that's why we need you!

Will you vote for us? (confirm your vote via the email you receive after voting).

Thank you very much in advance!

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