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Working on change? 7 tips for mini activism within your company.

We see it more and more often: women who discover after giving birth: 'something is not right', 'it is not as equal as I thought in advance.' Once you find out that there are still a lot of things wrong with new motherhood (think of too short leave, uneven distribution at home, pregnancy discrimination, no support in the workplace, missing pumping space, no replacement and so on) it can be that you want to change something: even if it is no longer for yourself, but for the mothers and fathers after you.

More and more women feel the urgency to raise the issue within their organization. But how do you address this theme without creating the idea that you can't make it? Or to be known as a mother or complainer?

Mom Inc. gives you 7 tips to implement change within your company:

1.    Figures help you in your position.

Find what is relevant to you. For example, about dissatisfaction when returning to work after leave (60%), dropout after leave (29%) and the stress figures among mothers with young children (30% experiences high stress). By knowing these numbers and using them in a conversation, you remove the problem from your personal experience and make it a broader problem

2.    Together you are stronger

Start the conversation within your organization. Talk to other colleagues with children. Ask about their experience and what they would have needed. Ask for examples, stories and needs. This way you collect a good picture of what is going on within your organization and you also make others aware of their experiences.

3.    Think in solutions

It is of little use to a manager if she or he only hears about what is not going well. It is much more powerful to make proposals that will benefit the organization. Make it clear what the profit is, what can be improved and how you can achieve that. For example: introducing a return program, holding a brainstorming session, creating a breastfeeding room in that room that is currently not being used, rescheduling the meeting to 4:00 PM instead of 5:00 PM.

4. Find good examples.

We have already been able to work with various companies that are doing well parent-friendly to be employers. We notice that it is 'contagious'. If a large company commits to this, it is more attractive or logical for other companies to participate as well.

5. Have patience and perseverance.

Change does not happen overnight. We have now experienced this ourselves on a very regular basis. Sometimes a quarter has to roll 10 times before it falls. Hang in there and have faith that your efforts will have an effect.

6. Ask for help from an Expert

Ask for help from an organization that can help you start the conversation properly, with knowledge of the phase, the target group and the business side. An expert makes things that you have known for a long time plausible for your employer. In addition: forcing strange eyes. Mom Inc. provides sessions and training to help companies become more parent-friendly. Please contact us if you think we can help your business.

7. Unfeasible? Go away!

Are you really in a place with 1950s policies? Then check whether you are still in your seat. The road to burnout becomes short if you keep flogging a dead horse. As a final act of resistance, it is a good idea to indicate the reason for your departure in your exit interview. That is educational for the company and you have (a little) lost your way.

It is currently an 'employee market'. As a result, employers are more focused on retaining their employees and keeping them healthy. A great opportunity to initiate a cultural change and turn all companies into Parent-friendly organizations!

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